About us

We are a relativly young business, that was founded in 1998 – formerly called Atesos Emmerlich AG – by Theo Emmerlich, the father of the current CEO, as a sole proprietorship for mechanical processing and medical technology.

He developed the small business to an internationally recognized name, especially for new developments in medical technology. 

  • 2022 Anschaffung DMG EVO 60 mit Automation (Lieferung Dezember 2022)
  • 2022 Erweiterung Produktionsfläche ca. 150m2 (Anbau West)
  • 2021 Anschaffung optisches Messgerät KEYANCE
  • 2020 Anschaffung 1x FANUC Robodrill 5-Achs Fräszenter (Fanuc 4)
  • 2019 Anschaffung 1x FANUC Robodrill 5-Achs Fräszenter (Fanuc 3)
  • 2018 Acquisition of a CNC lathe DMG Mori NLX2000
  • 2018 Change of company name to CEREMAG
  • 2017 Acquisition of two FANUC Robodrill 5-axis milling center
  • 2015 Acquisition of a CNC milling center MATSUURA LX 160 with EROWA Robo-Compact
  • 2012 First ISO 13485 certification
  • 2012 Founding of the ATESOS Emmerlich AG
  • 2011 Acquisition of a 3D measuring machine ZEISS Calypso
  • 2007 Acquisition of a CNC lathe Mori Seiki NL2000
  • 2007 Acquisition of a Mikron UPC600 Vario 5-axis milling center
  • 2006 Gründung der Einzelfirma Christian Emmerlich
  • 1998 Founding of the sole proprietorship Theo Emmerlich

With eight employees the company generates 90 percent of its turnover with products for medical technologies; the remaining 10 percent are generated with general machine engineering products.